Thank you for your interest in joining the team of 2019 Brighton Marathon Medical Volunteers.  The marathon event will take place on Sunday 14th April.  The medical team will help provide care to the approximate 15,000 runners who will be taking part, as well as the members of the public spectating along the marathon course. There will also be a Brighton Marathon Medical Conference on Saturday 13th April at the Brighton Metropole Hotel from approximately 1.00 – 6.30pm.  We would like you to attend this event in order to hear vital medical and logistical information, as well as experience an interesting and useful educational event which counts for 2.5 CPD points. You will therefore need to be available for both dates.

Over the past eight years, many medical volunteers have signed up to be a supporting part of the Brighton Marathon Weekend and our success as a medical team is totally down to our team of volunteers.  As the event expands, so does the need for additional support.  For those of you who have volunteered in the past – thank you. Without you there would be no medical care for the runners and without that there would be no marathon. We hope you enjoyed the day and would be delighted if you are able to join us once again. For those who have not volunteered before – you are very welcome and we look forward to you joining the team.

Dr Rob Galloway (Emergency Medicine Consultant at BSUH NHS Trust) leads the Medical Team with an enhanced clinical governance structure, to help provide the best possible care for runners and best possible clinical framework for volunteers.

The Brighton Marathon Medical Team work in conjunction with St John Ambulance, but trained medical volunteers will work under the auspices of the Brighton Marathon Medical Team and not St John Ambulance. St John Ambulance will provide the infrastructure for the first aid provision and the first aid rooms. However, the Brighton Marathon Medical Team will be specifying the medical equipment available to trained medical personnel, as well as providing needed drugs, blood testing equipment and clear instructions and protocols. We are working with Philips to ensure the highest quality medical equipment is available to staff.

For those of you who can volunteer, we are looking for several types of volunteers:-

1) Clinical staff particularly with experience in emergency care: ITU Doctors and Nurses, Anaesthetists and ODPs, Emergency Medical Doctors and Nurses, Medical Doctors, GPs with experience in emergency care, Resuscitation officers, Paramedics/Ambulance Personnel, Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians

2) Experts in sports related injuries including Doctors, Podiatrists and Physiotherapists

3) Non-Clinical but experience of working in health care such as Medical Students, Nursing Students, Healthcare Assistants, Healthcare Managers and Administrators

If you are an F1 doctor, regrettably you are not able to work clinically but you are very welcome to join us as one of the Non-Clinical team.

All doctors F2 and above are able to work clinically but you need to let your insurance company (MPS/MDU) know.  You also need to be occupationally health cleared and CRB cleared to work in an NHS practice setting.  In addition F2 doctors need to have the permission of their Educational Supervisor to be a volunteer.

Nurses and other healthcare professionals who are volunteering in a clinical capacity will also need to be a member of a Union with an indemnity insurance scheme e.g. Royal College of Nursing. You will be put in teams around the course based on skill mix and provided with appropriate protocols, equipment and drugs, as well as radio communication and jackets specifying you are working for the Brighton Marathon Medical Team. Consultants will supervise each main area, as well as supervising triage of patients to St John Ambulance first aid, the Brighton Marathon Medical Team, or Physiotherapy/Podiatry. You will not be expected to do anything above your level of competence and must inform team leaders if you are asked to do so.

Our aims are simple – for people, who are seriously medically sick, stabilise them and transfer to hospital. For less sick patients, we aim to provide care at the scene to avoid having to go to hospital, hopefully helping them finish the race. We are not there though, to replicate the function of a hospital. However, as there is only one hospital for the City, by having a great medical set-up we reduce the number of patients going to hospital and allow the Marathon to take place with minimal impact on others.

If you are signing up as a Non-Clinical Volunteer, you will be supporting the clinical teams by helping to ‘spot’ runners in difficulty after they cross the finish line and helping them to the medical tent or to one of the St John Ambulance team and/or other Healthcare Professional.  Full training will be given.  In addition we also require Non-Clinical Volunteers with administrative skills to help with the ‘logging’ of runners who book into the medical tent.  This will help us to manage a triage system as well as identification of runners.

We are also conducting several research projects and will require Non-Clinical Volunteers to carry out research administrative tasks.  Full training for all roles will be given.

What Happens Next?

If you are keen to join us, please follow the links to complete your registration.  You will receive an acknowledgement of your completed registration.  Please note you will be asked to upload a form of photo identity e.g. NHS Work Badge, Driving Licence, Passport.

Once we have your details, we will send you any emails/newsletters in order to keep you updated with our plans and any news from the Brighton Marathon Weekend team.  Final joining instructions will then be sent to you one or two weeks before the event.

If you have registered but for any reason find that you are not able to volunteer, please can you let us know as soon as possible by emailing

And finally…

Being a medical volunteer for the Marathon should be great day. Hopefully all the provisions, skills, equipment and planning will be used on very few occasions and everyone can have a great day soaking up the atmosphere whilst enjoying time with friends and colleagues as well as learning new skills to support your own career development. It is unpaid, but we provide you with a sports top and feed you on the day! All we ask is for your time and to join us for the best view in town of Brighton’s biggest event.

Thanks for volunteering!


Rob Galloway

Medical Director

Tom Naylor

Race Director

Rachael Grimaldi

Associate Medical Director

David Bowen

Deputy Director of Medical Services

Carrie Weller

Medical Team Delivery Manager