Ten medical tips for before your marathon!

Published on
April 4, 2024

1. If you are concerned about your health in the run up to the Brighton Marathon, please seek medical advice.

2. Write your name and emergency contact details on the back of your bib number. If you have any medical conditions or take any medications, write them down too.

3. Do not swap your bib number with anyone - we will not know who to contact in an emergency if you do.

4. Do not run the Brighton Marathon if you feel unwell in any way, this includes having any viral syptoms as these increase the risk of heat related illness.

5. Do not run in new shoes on Marathon Day. And if you're wearing fancy dress, make sure you train in your costume.

6. Practise drinking on your long training runs - hydration is a fine balance. Don't start dehydrated, but nor do you need to aggressively over-hydrate beforehand.

7. Adapt your goals to the temperature and humidity on Marathon Day. If it is hot or humid, go slow.

8. Do not take any anti-inflammatory medications before, during or for 24 hours  after the marathon. These medications can damage the kidneys and put you at higher risk of heat related  illness. This includes ibuprofen, neurofen, naproxen and voltarol. Use paracetamol instead. Anti-inflammatory Gels are safer than tablets but can also cause problems during marathon running and so avoid them before or during the event and use deep heat type gels and creams instead.  

9. Drink according to your thirst - do not drink too much water or sports drink during the marathon; you do not need to drink at every drinks station.

10. Do not gulp large volumes of fluid after your marathon - if you need to rehydrate, try to do so slowly.

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