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April 3, 2023
Advice from our medical team about how to recover from your Brighton Marathon experience

Hopefully you will all be feeling well and already ready to train for your next event soon. 

But regardless of how you feel now, the best thing you can do for your health and recovery is take it easy for the next few weeks. By resting properly, you will recovery faster and be able to return to training again quicker.

We've pulled together our top tips to get rested, recovered and retraining asap:

1) Make sure you drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated, water, fruit juices or sports drinks will all work

2) Eat high carbohydrate foods as these will help you to replenish your glycogen stores.

3) Visit a physiotherapist if you have any joint or leg pains

4) See a specialist podiatrist if you have any foot injuries.

Important things to know

If you feel unwell, such as feeling dizzy or nauseous, following the marathon then you should be getting medical advice. This is particularly important if you are experiencing any confusion, on-going shortness of breath, or are not producing good quantities of clear urine.

If you have chest pains you must go to A&E. 

You must listen to and follow any advice given to you by a medical professional following your marathon. Whether you visited the medical tent on Event Day or visit your GP, A&E or a medical specialist after the event, you will be given advice and care information on discharge or in your session. Listening to this and following the advice will see you recover quicker.

A last note

Please know that taking part in marathons is good for your health! Although you may have some short-term aches and pains, your overall health will benefit so much from the exercise and activity that you do.

Listen to your body, rest up and recover well!

Professor. Rob Galloway (Medical Director Brighton Marathon, Consultant in Emergency Medicine, University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust)

Dr R Greenhalgh (Deputy Medical Director Brighton Marathon, Consultant Emergency Medicine, University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust)

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