We’ve put together a checklist of things that are vital to promoting your charity places successfully and giving your runners the best experience possible.

The list

1. Check your listing on the Brighton Marathon Website. Make sure your logo, copy and link to your website are all there and that they are correct. Your copy should be an engaging and inspiring call to action, not just information about your charity

2. Make sure the Brighton Marathon is listed on your website with up to date information, how runners can sign up and most importantly, why they should sign up! This might sound obvious but many forget to update or include this information early on in the process.

3. Add your JustGiving deep link or a page creation button to the event page on your website – make it as quick and easy as possible for supporters to start fundraising

4. Proactively market your places or you will struggle to fill them. You have competition!

5. Support and communicate with your runners through the whole process – encourage them to raise as much as they can for your charity

6. Ensure your runners are signed up on our Active registration system as soon as possible. We need their details to send them our runner e-newsletters

7. Make sure you are there to cheer your runners on around the course, they will really appreciate the support

8. Think about providing a branded running vest or t-shirt, even if they have to pay a small donation towards it – this will help you spot your runners on the course, and raise awareness of your charity

9. Make sure you are using social media to promote your places – grab people’s attention with some good imagery. Why not even use your Facebook cover photo to exclusively promote your Brighton places? Check out our guide to using social and download images from our toolkit.

10. Got BM10k places? This is the perfect distance to get your corporate sponsors involved – encourage them to submit a team and get training!

Bonus Tips

1. Cross promote your events! If you have runners in a race or event elsewhere then don’t forget to tell them about your Brighton Marathon places – people travel from all over to attend the Brighton Marathon Weekend

2. Use the BM10k as a marketing tool. If someone runs the marathon, why not offer them a free place in the 10k for a friend or family member?

3. Don’t forget that if your runner can no longer do the marathon distance, they can always transfer to the BM10k – don’t lose that fundraising!

4. Running is becoming more social – don’t forget to include your runners’ friends and family in your plans. There is a distance for everyone at the Brighton Marathon Weekend, and if they don’t want to run this time, there’s always next year!