Temple Spa create award winning luxury skincare and top-to-toe facial and massage spa treatments.


Our Official Wellness Partner, Temple Spa are giving you the chance to win an amazing prize of skincare products for top-to-toe cleansing and brilliant when training!

Prize includes full size products of:

• Detoxing massage & bath oil WORK IT OUT

• Energising body shower scrub IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE

• Inhalation essence BREATH OF LIFE

• Multi-tasking cleanser DUAL ACT

• All over moisturising lotion PEACE BE STILL

• Nutritious face exfoliator BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE

(Worth £101)

Enter here:

T&C’s apply.

Five lucky winners will be selected at random after the closing date of 14th August 2020. Don’t forget to *like/follow @TempleSpa across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the latest wellbeing tips, advice and offers.

We’ve put some AAAHHH! into your Goody Bag this year!

Use AAAHHH! soothing balm for aching feet & limbs and massage onto your feet and up your legs. The cooling, tingly sensation instantly relieves the heat and swelling; it’s the go to product for easing tight muscles… and especially for runners or hardworking volunteers!

Look out for your FREE sample in your pre-race goody bag or Volunteer goody bag.

Work it Out with our Official Physio, Dawn Buoy

This year, Temple Spa are providing our massage tent in the Beach Village with their “Work it Out” massage oil. It’s a body boosting blend of 21 Mediterranean oils that will not only make your legs feel great but will also make sure that the massage tent smells just a little bit more divine and a little less sweaty runner!

So, can massage really help? Most elite athletes rely on massage as part of their training routine to help their legs recover and if done regularly, an experienced masseur can identify any tight areas and treat them before they become problematic. To be honest if you do decide to go for a sports massage it may be less relaxing than you might think! To really affect muscles and fascia you need to get stuck in, so make sure you are having this kind of massage on days when you don’t need to run and not just before a big event.

If the deeper stuff isn’t for you a gentler approach is still of benefit. Massage will help stimulate circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage to help refresh tired legs. You can even do this yourself or get a chum to help out! Start at the feet and work your way up the legs in circular motions; you should always work towards the heart. You will need a massage oil to avoid causing friction to the skin. Body creams and moisturisers are made to sink into the skin so they won’t give you the effect you need for massage.

However, never fear if you’re one of those people who can’t really relax at the thought of a massage. There are other options to treat those hard-working legs. You can go old school and pop some Epsom salts in the bath after long runs or after the marathon. If you treat yourself to some “Work it Out” massage oil it will also work in the same way, just pop a few drops in a post-run bath. The other option in Brighton is to tough it out and give yourself a dunk in the sea once you’ve finished the marathon. It’s as good as an ice bath… just as long as you can face the long crawl back up the pebbles on the way out!