By 10th April 2017

We would like to issue a sincere and formal apology to any participants who experienced issues with water or cups at the event this year.

Weather forecasts from the Met Office for Marathon day (Sunday 9 April 2017) never exceeded 17C in the days preceding, with 14C being the highest temperature predicted by the Met Office on the morning of the day itself. The weather forecast was agreed by our event liaison team, which includes representatives from our local authority and the emergency services, as being an accurate forecast to work from.

The temperature of 21C that was reported by our event team at midday on Race Day, was not predicted, and was by far the hottest temperature we have seen at the Brighton Marathon.

As part of our initial planning for the 2017 event, the volume of cups distributed across the course was increased based on 2016 event team feedback. However, we decided on Saturday 8th to implement our additional contingency plan for water supplies as a precaution and increased cup and water distribution course-wide.

44,500 litres of water were made available to Marathon runners on the route on Race Day (an equivalent to roughly: 3.5 litres per runner). Yet due to the unexpected increase in temperature at midday an increased amount of runners also used water as a cooling measure as well as to drink. Supplies therefore became depleted / ran out in one particular area of the course early into the race but at no point was there no water or cups available at the event as a whole.

When supplies at individual points were recorded to be low, extra fluid was purchased and sent to the latter stages of the Brighton Marathon as soon as possible, ensuring that water was available throughout the final miles. Showers were in place to help with cooling, and standpipes providing a fresh water supply were also used in the secondary finish and on the beach.

Care of the runners is always our primary concern and was under constant review throughout the day with appropriate measures taken wherever necessary.

A full debrief will take place, including receiving feedback from our medical team regarding participant hydration levels, and further contingent measures will be in place in 2018 should similar unexpected weather conditions arise in future years. We work very hard to try and make the event the best it can be for all involved and we are truly disappointed that some participants this year did not have a wholly positive experience on what was a fantastic day for the city and our biggest event yet.


If you have any queries at all or wish to get in touch with the team about the 2017 event, please email [email protected]

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