2018 Local Charity Partners

By 15th November 2017

The Brighton Marathon Weekend is delighted to announce BRIGHTON OASIS and MINDOUT as the 2018 Brighton Marathon local charity partners.  The Brighton Marathon taking place on Sunday 15th of April 2018 benefits hundreds of charities each year, helping raise awareness and millions of pounds for fantastic causes.

Event Director, Tom Naylor says, “We are really pleased to welcome our local charity partners to the 2018 Brighton Marathon. The Brighton Marathon Weekend is a community event; it’s about bringing people together and provides a great opportunity to bring the incredible work of our charities to the forefront, particularly within the local area”.

Brighton Oasis Project (BOP)

Brighton Oasis Project (BOP) aims to improve the lives and maximise the potential of the diverse range of women, children and families affected by substance misuse. We have been established for 20 years and take a gender-specific approach to service provision, working with all family members to achieve the best outcomes for our clients. BOP has two main groups of services – a treatment service for women and a therapeutic service for children and families. Each year, BOP directly supports over 500 women and 250 children and young people.

There is enormous stigma around drug and alcohol misuse, with those in recovery – especially women – often struggling to shake off the labels and identity associated with their issues. Similarly, the children affected by these problems – addiction, drug use and alcoholism – in the family are often unheard or ignored. Their suffering and harm is often overlooked. In making  Brighton Oasis Project a local charity partner, Brighton Marathon Weekend is taking a huge step towards counteracting the stigma and harm that is affecting so many of our city’s families.

Jo-Anne Welsh, Director of Brighton Oasis Project, says: “This partnership represents an unparalleled opportunity for BOP to finally begin showing Brighton the incredible work it’s been doing behind the scenes for 20 years. The Brighton Marathon encapsulates for our clients in recovery the powerful and inspirational message that with hard work, dedication and resilience you can achieve anything!”



MindOut aims to improve the wellbeing of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer people who experience mental health issues, through the provision of services run by and for LGBTQ people. We aim to reduce stigma and promote positive mental health, reduce isolation and increase resilience. Our services support LGBTQ people across the spectrum of mental health experience. People use our services in a variety of ways, e.g some come seeking one-to-one support in a crisis, some want advice for a specific mental health issue, some want to share their mental health experiences and to give and receive support with others in similar situations.  Many of our clients have not been anywhere else for mental health support and request our assistance to access other services, we are often a first point of access for LGBTQ people in distress.

All our services are created in response to what LGBTQ communities tell us that they need. Our service users have been at the heart of what we do for the last 17 years.

Based in Brighton & Hove we work across East & West Sussex and provide a national out of hours on-line support service. We provide advice, information and advocacy; peer support groups; peer mentoring; suicide prevention initiatives; mental health promotion and anti-stigma events. We run general mental health support groups as well as specific groups for trans* people, bi people, older people, men and women. We run a group for people in employment (Work It Out) and people who are suicidal (Out of the Blue). We run wellbeing courses such as Mindfulness and managing stress. We also provide consultancy and training for employers on LGBTQ mental health and affirmative practice.

We work with over 400 people per year, providing almost 1000 group work places and many of our service users go on to become volunteers for MindOut as they want to give something back.

Helen Jones MindOut’s CEO said: “It is a great honour to have been chosen as Brighton Marathon Charity Partner 2018, we are delighted.  As well as raising much needed funds this will help us to publicise the vital mental health work we do, help us to reduce stigma about mental health and get our message out far and wide.  LGBTQ people have higher rates of anxiety, depression and suicidal distress, Brighton Marathon is helping us to address this in a really positive way”.


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