There are lots of ways you can offer more to your runners, which will not only help your charity stand out from the rest, but also encourage them to continue to support you after the Marathon.

What you could offer

Regular support emails and newsletters – simply connecting with and acknowledging your runner and the challenge they are undertaking is a must. Use this opportunity to offer training support, fundraising tips & advice and any important event weekend information (but don’t bombard them either!)

Phone call – don’t forget that personal touch. If you can, give your runners a call to see how they’re getting on. They will be happy to know that you haven’t forgotten them!

A charity branded technical running vest for them to wear proudly during the race. Not only will they have something to remember the experience, but you will gain valuable exposure on the day

Fundraising guide – offer advice and tips on things they could be doing to raise awareness and help them reach their target

Training guides – contact local running/fitness experts and ask them to donate their time and knowledge to help create a training plan. Alternatively, point your runners in the right direction of existing training guides

Training runs – arrange a training run from your offices so you can meet your runners face-to-face and they can meet the rest of the team

Social evenings – a catch up evening so you and the rest of your team can find out how everyone is doing with their training/fundraising and build up that team spirit

Social media group – can’t meet in person? Create a dedicated group on Facebook where your runners can trade tips, stories and general chat about the upcoming event

Give the opportunity to visit the work/projects your charity funds – keep your runners informed of just how big a difference their fundraising is going to make to your work as a charity. That personal connection to your projects and work will really keep them going when it gets tough

If you need further inspiration, do some research and see what other charities have on offer. Your only limit is your imagination and anything that you can think of to make your (potential) runners feel valued, part of a team and that their fundraising is making a difference, is worth a shot.