Thank you for your patience and understanding as we have worked to understand our position during this very difficult time.  We have been overwhelmed by the comments and words of support from so many of you.

As the world responded to the coronavirus pandemic, we and our friends in the running and sporting events industry announced postponements and cancellations as it became impossible to continue further with planning and delivering the event. The risk of our event impacting upon our local NHS and medical services was too great. 

As you are aware by now, the pandemic threatens the existence of not just events like ours but businesses and organisations within our network. Many of our freelance staff, contractors, charities and suppliers are now faced with widespread cancellations and loss of work and income. We encourage you to continue to support events like ours across 2020 and into 2021. Your entry fee will go a long way in helping to keep our events industry functioning during this extremely difficult time.

After receiving your feedback and working through the potential outcome of every option, we can offer you the below choices.

We are working hard to put on a great Brighton Marathon Weekend in September and hope you can join us in Brighton for the rescheduled event!


Option 1.

Take part in September

Your place is safe, and you are able to take part in September as you would have done in April. No action is required.


Option 2.

Free Deferral to 2021

We would like to offer you the option to defer for free, should you wish to take part next year instead, on Sunday 18th April 2021.

You can defer to 2021 by clicking here. You must do so by 23:59 on Wednesday 15th April 2020.

We will be in touch w/c 20th April with information on how to sign up to 2021 and complete your deferral.

If you had deferred already, please read below.

If you transferred from the Brighton Marathon to the BM10k/BM Ride, your Brighton Marathon place has now been reinstated and you no longer have a place in the BM10k/BM Ride. If you wish to transfer to the BM10k/BM Ride for September 2020 then please contact [email protected].


Option 3.

Donate your place to charity

Many of our charity partners will suffer as a result of the postponement, where fundraising may be stopped short or participants no longer want their places.

We urge you, if you do not want to defer or take part in September, to please donate your place to one of our charities. By donating your place, our charities can find someone else to take your place and raise much needed funds during this difficult time.

Please visit the charity page on our website and choose a charity you would like to donate your place to – you can search by name or type of cause e.g. ‘mental health’ or ‘heart’.

Please email your request to [email protected] by 23:59 on Wednesday 15th April 2020.


Option 4.


We are offering you the opportunity to request a full refund.

However, if you could possibly still take on the challenge, we ask you to reconsider. Your decision to take part in September will make a huge difference to the future existence of the event. We would also love for you to continue fundraising or to join a charity team if you haven’t already, to help support our charities during this period of uncertainty and change.

We must receive your written request by 10pm on Tuesday 31st March 2020, to request your refund. Please email [email protected] 



As your place is secured through a charity, please contact your charity with any questions about your place. We are working hard to put on a great Brighton Marathon Weekend in September and hope you can join us in Brighton for the rescheduled event and raise even more funds for your charity of choice!


Additional information and refunds

If you had deferred already…

If you had already registered to defer ahead of the postponement, we have reversed your deferral, as we have heard from many who are now able to run in September. You are therefore now registered to run in September. If you would STILL like to defer, we ask you to please do so again by clicking here.

Membership Holders

If you purchased Membership with us and wish to defer to 2021, you technically already have a place in 2021 with us. We will therefore extend your Membership and benefits by a year if you would like to defer your 2020 place to 2021. Please contact us if you wish to defer as a Membership holder: [email protected]

Park & Ride refunds

If you would like to keep your Park & Ride pass to use in September, it will still be valid and you do not need to take any further action. If you would like a refund on your pass, please email [email protected]

Massage refunds

We have contacted and refunded those with massage bookings. Booking will reopen closer to the event in September.

Merchandise refunds

If you would like to keep your merchandise purchase to collect in September at the event, you do not need to take any further action. If you would like a refund on your purchase you can do so by emailing [email protected]


We very much hope to see you in September for the rescheduled event.

With best wishes

Brighton Marathon Weekend