Your places will be filled by two main groups of people:

  1. Existing supporters of your charity who fancy a new challenge
  2. People who just want to run the Brighton Marathon

Once general entries close, the only way to obtain a place in the Brighton Marathon is via a charity.

However, competition is high with many other charities offering places. It is therefore very important that you put effort into marketing your places and that you make yourself stand out from the rest. There will be hundreds of charities competing against each other to recruit runners, so your offering and support package is extremely important.

Why should someone run for your charity over another charity? What incentives could you offer? We find that a call to action and a reason to run for your charity rather than others is the best way to grab someone’s attention.

Once you have their attention make sure you keep it! Your website and information must be clear, easy to understand, promote the event and above all state why running for you is the best choice.

Marketing Ideas

Don’t just promote your places on your website or through your listing on the Brighton Marathon website. Search the web for any sites (running/sports/community) that host free listing opportunities.

Social Media
Promote via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and ask your supporters to share this information too. Don’t underestimate the power of social media; news spreads fast over the internet!
See our Social Media Best Practices to optimise this channel.

Corporate Supporters
Get your corporate supporters on board and ask them if they can help market your places or recruit a team to take part!

Promote your places via your existing database of supporters and ask them to spread the word amongst their friends, family and colleagues.

Word of Mouth
Word of mouth is one of the most powerful tools available to you. Ask previous participants to push out your message to their friends, family, and social media network. There’s no better advertisement for your offering or the event than a previous happy customer!

Poster and Flyers
Circulate posters and flyers everywhere and anywhere to spread the word! Give them to your colleagues, volunteers, and supporters and ask them to pass them around for you.

Promote via churches, community centres, dentist and doctor surgeries, gyms, mother and toddler groups, hairdressers, coffee shops and nurseries.

Promote your places via local businesses, ask existing supporters to promote your charity places to their colleagues and attend some of the many business network events arranged both in Brighton and in your area.

Collate interesting case studies and stories from your supporters and write a press release. Speak to local newspapers, magazines and radio stations and see if they will help you promote your places.

Promote at other Events
Promote your charity places at other events, whether this is another running event, a social ball or coffee morning you should definitely be promoting your places at every opportunity.

Adverts in print media
If you do have some budget then you should consider placing an advert in one of the popular running or health and fitness magazines or even the local newspaper

Email Signatures
An easy one, but often overlooked – make sure to promote your charity places in staff email signatures