Did you know marathon runners are ideal sperm donors?

Published on
November 3, 2023
Brighton Marathon Weekend partners with a sperm bank to raise awareness of donor shortage

London Marathon Events (LME) has announced the Sussex Sperm Bank will become an official partner for the Brighton Marathon Weekend from 2024 to 2026.

The UK has a national shortage of sperm donors, and this partnership aims to inspire more people to donate and help families across Sussex and the UK achieve their dreams of having a child.

Figures from Fertility Network UK suggest that more than 60 million men are affected by fertility issues and, according to the World Health Organisation, one in six couples globally deal with infertility, making fertility clinics an important healthcare provision for families struggling to conceive.

The Sussex Sperm Bank has helped more than 700 patients across the UK already this year, a 36 per cent increase from 2022, and expects demand to increase year-on-year, meaning raising awareness about the value of sperm donors is more important than ever.

Participants in the Brighton Marathon Weekend events are ideal candidates to be sperm donors. Studies have shown that exercising regularly results in higher levels of testosterone and better testosterone metabolism which helps to increase the levels and quality of semen by improving the activity of sperm producing cells.

Training to undertake a long-distance event such as a marathon or 10K often means an increase in physical activity and healthier lifestyle choices which can, in turn, influence testosterone levels and sperm health.

Sussex Sperm Bank, which is based in Brighton, supports people with male-factor infertility and also helps anyone wishing to conceive, including two-mum families, LGBTQ+ families and single people.

Wayne Vessey, Sussex Sperm Bank Clinic Director, said: “There is a national shortage of sperm donors in the UK, and we have families putting their treatments on hold waiting for a compatible donor to join our programme. Partnering with the Brighton Marathon Weekend will help our ambition to raise awareness about our services – an important step to serving the families we work with at Sussex Sperm Bank. We’re excited to be working with the Brighton Marathon Weekend and hope many of the participants will consider becoming a donor in the future.”

Joe Carter, Event Lead for the Brighton Marathon Weekend, said: “Research shows that many of our participants are ideal candidates to donate sperm to help people start their families and there may also be many who could benefit from Sussex Sperm Bank’s services. A sperm bank might not be the first partnership you’d think of for a marathon, but family and community are at the heart of the Brighton Marathon Weekend, and we’re delighted to be working with Sussex Sperm Bank.”

Find out about how to become a sperm donor with Sussex Sperm Bank here.


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