I normally sign up for a charity each year, does being a member mean I can't do that?

As a member your entry will be classified as a general entry and not a charity entry. If you wish to fundraise we recommend you create a fundraising profile with JustGiving in order to support your chosen charity.

Does the membership price include the entry fee for the member into the Marathon each year?

Yes, by purchasing a Brighton Marathon Membership, you get entry into the event for the duration of your membership.

Do I still have to register online for Brighton Marathon each year?

Yes, although you have guaranteed your Brighton Marathon entry through your membership, you are legally required to complete the registration form for the event each year.

Is there a deadline to sign up for the 2021 Brighton Marathon as a member?

Yes, you will have to register your place by 14th March 2021.

What events will I be able to get discounts on?

You will be able to get 20% discount on up to eight entries in total across Brighton Marathon Weekend, including Brighton Marathon (maximum of three purchases), BM10k, BM Ride. These events must be open for registration to be able to purchase them. Your membership doesn't entitle you to secure entries outside of these times.

When does my Membership expire?

Your membership expires on the Brighton Marathon Race Day of your final year. E.g. If you purchased a 3-year membership that starts with an entry in the 2021 event, your membership will expire on Brighton Marathon Race Day 2023.

How will the Brighton Marathon event registration process work for members?

Your Brighton Marathon place will be secure each year as part of your membership. However, you will still need to register for your Brighton Marathon place each year due to legal requirements.
Members will have been allocated a unique membership ID and log in, which you will need to use when registering for your Brighton Marathon place that year.

What if I'm unable to run and general entries have closed. Can I still transfer my place to someone else?

All 2021 transfers must be completed during our transfer window (1st-14th March 2021). This deadline is set by our Medical Director and is non-negotiable.

How will I complete a transfer of my place to a friend or family member?

You will be able to log in with your unique membership ID (allocated on membership sign up) to assign your place to someone else.

If I can't find someone to transfer my entry to, can I get a refund for that year?

No, we are not offering refund on membership entries. As your membership means that the place is not lost, you will not be entitled to a refund.

If I can't find someone to transfer my entry to, can I defer that place and extend my membership?

No, deferrals will not be available on Brighton Marathon Membership marathon entries.

Can I extend my Membership for a single year?

No, extensions are not available.

What if the event is cancelled or does not take place?

If the event is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances out of our control (e.g. weather conditions), your membership will be extended to make up for the year that was missed.

Is Race Pack and Goody Bag delivery only available to Members?

Yes, Race Pack and Goody Bag delivery is only available to our Members as an exclusive benefit. All additional Race Packs purchased under that membership will be posted to the holder of the membership only or can be selected for collection at the Beach Village.

If I've transferred my Brighton Marathon entry to someone else, where will their Race Pack and Goody Bag be delivered?

The new marathon entry holder will be able to have their race pack sent to their address as indicated by you in the transfer process online.

If I have purchased discounted entries for a friend or family member who lives separately to me, where will their Race Pack and Goody Bag be delivered?

When members purchase additional places in Brighton Marathon Weekend events, they will be given the option to have those race packs sent to the member's address or to be collected at the Beach Village. We are unable to send to any additional addresses.

Will Race Packs for additional discounted Brighton Marathon Weekend places I purchase as part of my membership, be sent to me?

Yes, if you purchase entries for other Brighton Marathon Weekend events for friends and family (e.g. Mini Mile, BM10k or BM Ride), you can arrange for these to be sent to your address. Alternatively, you can arrange for these to be collected at the Beach Village as normal. We are unable to send to additional addresses.

Can I still collect my Race Pack if I want to?

Yes, if you want to collect your Race Pack at the Beach Village you need to withdraw delivery by sending an email to [email protected].

What will be included in my Race Pack when sent to me?

Race Packs will include, as standard, your official Brighton Marathon T Shirt, your race number & timing chip, safety pins and your reusable kit bag for baggage lorries.

Are general entries now going to be via a ballot system?

No, Brighton Marathon general entries are not available through a ballot system. They are always, first come, first served.

Will you still be able to purchase early entry fee at the Beach Village for 2021?

No, we will no longer be offering early entry for the following year at the Beach Village.

Why are you removing the option to purchase early bird entries in the Beach Village?

In order to create our Membership offering at an affordable rate, we've had to withdraw the early bird entries on the Beach Village.

By joining the Wait List am I guaranteed a membership?

No, all those who join the Wait List will be notified about membership places becoming available before being given the chance to purchase. You will still need to sign up for membership if it does.

When will membership be available for sign up?

If you have registered your interest, you will be sent details about how and when you can sign up. You must have registered your interest to be invited to sign up.