24th June 2020

To all of our 2020 Participants,

We hope that you are well and coping with the unique challenges that lockdown has presented to you, your friends & family.

In May, we promised to update you at the end of June with regards to the status of the 2020 Brighton Marathon Weekend amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

We remain optimistic and hopeful for our 2020 event as the UK Government continues to ease restrictions.

We also continue to work alongside other event organisers such as London Marathon, Great Run Company and Human Race, towards the safe return of mass participation events. Together we are striving to produce event plans that will incorporate social distancing and increased levels of hygiene across the event footprint.

Additionally, we would like to address and allay recent concerns regarding the number of places now remaining for the 2021 Brighton Marathon. Once more, we want to reassure you that there will be places available for our 2020 participants.

•     If the event goes ahead as planned in September, shortly after we will offer 2020 Brighton Marathon participants the opportunity to sign up for the 2021 event.

•    Should the 2020 Brighton Marathon Weekend be cancelled, all general entry participants will be able to choose to defer, for free, to either the 2021 or 2022 event. All charity entry places will honoured for our 2021 event.

•    If you have already entered 2021 as a general entry participant and the 2020 event is cancelled, your 2020 place will be automatically deferred to 2021 leaving you with two places. The additional place can be transferred to someone of your choice or to the 2022 event.

Finally, for those who are anxious about training for an event this September, please be assured there is still plenty of time left to train and we’ll continue to support you over the summer. Your long runs, rides and hard work can only be of benefit to you physically and mentally. Enjoy it and reap the rewards!

If you are raising money for a charity, please continue to share your training and fundraising targets with your peers, as your charity needs you now more than ever.

Thank you for your patience and invaluable support. We, our charities and our network of suppliers would not be here without you.

We will be in touch again next month.

With thanks,
Brighton Marathon Weekend