Article by Dawn Buoy, Official Physio for Brighton Marathon Weekend
I can’t stress enough how important it is to spend time and money on the right footwear. Be sure to visit a reputable running shoe shop to make sure you start off in the correct shoes.
Also, do check if your current shoes are becoming too worn out. Please do not use the sole as a guide, have a look at the side of the shoe. If you see stress lines and buckling in the grey and white arch of the shoes, you need new ones!
If you have a lot of callouses, blisters or black toe nails then you also need new shoes! We commonly see runners with shin splints, knee pain and ITB syndrome which are caused mainly by wearing the wrong shoes.
You can save yourself from experiencing problems further down the line by getting it right from day one.

Watch the video below for a great guide on analysing your current shoes and what types of shoe are best for you.

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