Please be sure to follow the below when posting about the event on social media, creating your web page or generally communicating about the event.


  • Brighton Marathon Weekend is the event umbrella name. Always use the full name of the event in a post that talks about the whole event. Not just Brighton Marathon (unless your post is race specific).
  • The correct name for the BM10k is just that. Please do not refer to it as the Brighton Marathon 10k.
  • Please always use the full name of the children’s races, Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens Mini Mile Races. Do not omit any part of the name.
  • Please try not to use images of another event when promoting your places in the Brighton Marathon or BM10k. There are many you can use in our Dropbox folder here. If these aren’t suitable then please edit the image you do use to remove the other event’s name e.g. from the runner’s race number. (Please also ask us if we have any already of your charity runners at the Brighton Marathon Weekend.)
  • Please do not crop our logos to remove any part of them. You must always use the full logo including the reg mark.
  • If you wish to use an image on our website or from other materials, please ask our permission first. Do not take it directly from the web page.
  • If a runner makes a negative comment or asks a question about the event that you do not have the answer to, please refer them to our Event Relations team ([email protected]). Do not attempt to answer the runner yourself. Or you can direct them to the FAQs page of the website.