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What time and where does the Brighton Marathon start?

The race starts at 9.15am in Preston Park. Please arrive at least an hour early to allow yourself time to find baggage trucks, warm up and use the toilet facilities ahead of the race starting. Make sure you check out the travel pages for more information on getting to the event and road closures.

Is the course the same as last year?

The course will remain much the same as in previous years. If you ran in previous editions of the race, you'll have noticed a lot more barrier lines in our fourth race and fewer pinch points; our aim is to keep improving on the race day experience of every runner.

Will there be pacers?

Yes, there will be pacers available on Race Day – further information will be provided closer to the event.

Look out for them in their respective start corrals in Preston Park (or Withdean Park if you are starting from the fast start).

Will there be baggage drop facilities?

Yes, there will be baggage trucks at Preston Park open from 7am that will take your belongings to the finish line where you can collect them.

Please make sure you have attached your baggage sticker to your kit bag which you will be given with your Race Pack.

You must not place anything more than your provided kit bag on the baggage trucks. Participants will be allowed one bag only, please note that if you attempt to place more than one bag within the baggage trucks (or a bag that is not an official event kit bag), this will be refused.

Full information of the bag drop procedure will be available in your Participant Instructions, which will be emailed to you and placed on the website several weeks before the event.


What fluid and fuel is available on race day?

We will have a mix of water and HIGH5 products available across the Brighton Marathon course, located on or very close to the miles as detailed below.

The BM10k runners will have water made available to them only and a recovery snack at the finish.

All drinks will be provided to runners in cups. Further information on fluid and fuel will be available soon as well as advice on what and how much to drink during your race.



Miles; 3, 8, 10, 11, 13, 15, 16, 18, 20, 24


Miles; 5, 12, 17, 22


Miles; 6, 14, 19, 21, 23, 25


Miles; 26.2

Do we get a medal / finisher t-shirt / goody bag?

Yes, BM10k and Marathon participants will receive a technical finisher t-shirt, medal and a variety of finisher goodies once you have crossed the finish line.

Can I use my iPod or similar device on race day?

We will not stop you from using a personal music-playing device whilst participating but we strongly recommend that you do not.

It is important that you are able to hear what is happening around you, including any emergency services that may be operating.

Please note that you will be held strictly and solely liable if found to be responsible for harm to yourself or any third party, as a result of wearing a personal music-playing device. However, we do recommend the earphones with bone conduction technology that allow the wearer to listen to music while still being aware of their surroundings.

I am quite a slow runner, what happens if I don't finish or it takes me more than 6 hours?

The roads around the course must follow a strict re-opening schedule. We have worked this out so that even if someone was just continually walking fast (and we do not advocate 'walking' – we expect every entrant to be able to jog for at least significant portions of the race), they will be able to finish the race on the actual road surface of the route.

However, anyone moving around the course at slower than 6 hour 40 pace (that is slower than 4 miles an hour), may be told to move on to the pavement and in effect regard themselves as a pedestrian. Most of the last five miles are not on public roads, so this should not be a problem.

Can I take part with a bike, stilts, roller skates, skateboards or buggies etc.

Participants are not permitted to use any of the above or similar in the event and those attempting to do so will be prohibited from starting and may be forcibly removed from the course mid-race where necessary. Likewise, anyone attempting to start or join the race in any outfit that we, in our absolute discretion, deem unsuitable and / or dangerous to other competitors and spectators, will not be allowed to start the event or, if on the course, may be forcibly removed from the event.

Can I run in fancy dress?

Yes, this is allowed of course, but please bear in mind the race day weather conditions and appropriate fluid intake should your fancy dress layers leave you needing extra hydration
Please contact the office should your outfit in anyway be restrictive to your running or may in any way impact upon any other runners in the event.

Can I take part with a wheelchair?

We currently do not offer elite wheelchair races or allow self-propelled racing wheelchairs.

If you are a standard wheelchair (non-racing wheelchair) user and wish to enter the event, you are able to take part but on the agreement that the you are accompanied by a runner throughout the 26.2 miles.

The accompanying runner does not have to push the wheelchair during the race but must participate alongside them throughout. The accompanying runner will be allocated a complimentary place / running number by the organiser. If requested, we are happy to help you find a runner that can accompany you at your pace, through reaching out to our network of professional pacers and the running community.

For those who wish to take part in an assisted wheelchair, again both the wheelchair participant and the assister must register for the event and have a race number. The assister will be allocated a complimentary place in the event by the organiser.

In both cases, the wheelchair entrant and accompanying runner/assister will be asked to start at the back of the race.

This is due to health & safety guidelines which the event must adhere to.

All wheelchair users take part on the understanding that they will be held strictly and solely liable if found to be responsible for harm to themselves or any third party or parties, or damage to any property during the race. If you wish to enter as a wheelchair user or find out more, please email

Please note: We will be conducting a review of this policy following the 2017 event, where we will be assessing whether or not it will remain a requirement to have an accompanying runner.