Crossing the finish line at the end of a race is an amazing feeling. Now imagine how good it feels to be able to celebrate your run knowing that you’ve brought all your friends and family together to give to a fantastic cause?

Fundraising is the positive force that will keep you motivated during those long training runs. That’s why we’ve teamed up with not-for-profit fundraising website Virgin Money Giving to help you with your fundraising.

Simply set up a page with Virgin Money Giving, tell your friends and family what you’re doing, and start asking for donations! They’ll give you all the help you need along the way.

Set up your page

Virgin Money Giving have pulled together some easy-to-use tips and tricks to get you going below…

Fundraising never felt so easy

We’ve seen thousands of fundraisers come and go over the years and know what makes a successful one. We think there are 4 secrets to every fundraising success; telling a great story, standing out on social media, making the most of every fundraising ask and going the extra mile with your fundraising.

Here’s some simple tips to get you started…

Tell your story

Your fundraising page is the perfect place to tell your fundraising story to inspire your supporters and show them exactly what raising money means to you and your charity.

Try following these simple tips to get your page raising more:

  • Make your page look good by adding a cover photo, personalising your URL and setting a fundraising target.
  • Explain why raising money means so much to you and your charity.
  • Share your reasons for choosing your charity and what they mean to you personally.
  • Give people an idea of how their donation will be spent.
  • Upload photos of your journey.

Stand out on social

Shouting about your fundraising on social media is a great way of reminding people what you’re doing and asking for donations. Here are our 5 top tips on getting the most out of your social networks:


  1. Update your profile pic and cover photo – you could show you in training or an inspiring photo of your charity.
  2. Share your progress – whether it’s blogging, tweeting or Facebook live, show your friends and family the journey you’re on and the hard work you’re putting in.
  3. Get the timing right – post updates when people are likely to be online and in the mood to donate. Think Fridays, weekends and paydays!
  4. Rally your supporters – ask friends and family to share your page too, to spread the word.
  5. Include your fundraising page URL – make it as easy as possible for people to get to your fundraising page.

More ways to ask for money

Here’s five different ways to boost your fundraising:


Go the extra mile

Injecting the fun into fundraising will show your supporters the effort you’re putting into raising money and can make all the difference. Whether it’s dressing up, adding some extra challenges or adding a touch of the bizarre to your fundraising activities, be brave and make an impact – you’ll be surprised how much easier it is to get people donating to your page!

Here are a whole load of ideas to get you started.

The Virgin Money Giving Difference

From the little tips and tricks that we email you to make fundraising easier, to inspiring articles about what other fundraisers are doing to smash their targets, we really care about helping our fundraisers raise as much money as possible.

We’ve also designed our app with you in mind, so you can keep track of your fundraising whilst on the move and share your progress with your supporters.

And the best thing is? We’re a not-for-profit fundraising website, so more of the money you raise goes exactly where it’s needed: into the hands of the charity you’re supporting.

Set up your page