Photo: Mark Shearman

2018 Brighton Marathon Places

Brighton Marathon welcomes England Athletics registered club runners, and gives registered runners an opportunity to secure a guaranteed place through their club.

England Athletics registered athletes can now apply for either a ‘Club Runner entry’ or an ‘Elite Club runner entry’.

Brighton Marathon Club Runner entries are limited to 10 places per club, and are charged at £69.50, whereas athletes who have achieved certain performances can apply for a free entry.

England Athletics Club Entry

Entry costs £69.50 and entries can be applied for by your club secretary. If you are interested in entering the Brighton Marathon via the England Athletics Club entry please speak to your club secretary. We can only accept requests to enter from club secretaries, who can email us at

British Elite Club Runners

For the 2018 Brighton Marathon we will not be inviting International Athletes to take part and will be focussing our efforts on British athletes only. Athletes who have previously achieved certain performances and are looking for the opportunity to run a fast marathon time, will be given the opportunity to take part for free and receive accommodation and reasonable travel expenses. Prizes will now only be offered for British athletes, clubs and Masters. Click below for information on entry and qualifying times.


2018 BM10k Places

We would like to offer athletes looking to run a fast time in the BM10k free entry and provide accommodation and cover reasonable travel expenses.

We will not be having an invited International Athletes field at the 2018 BM10k.

All prizes, detailed below, will be for British athletes only.


Opportunity for Masters Athletes to compete for England

England Athletics has partnered with five of the country’s best marathon races including The Brighton Marathon to create a unique opportunity for England Athletics registered runners to qualify to represent their country at Masters age group level.

England Athletics registered athletes who are competing in the Bournemouth, Chester, Yorkshire, Brighton and Greater Manchester marathons can earn the right to represent England in a target marathon in autumn 2018.

Each of the five marathons will act as a qualifying race, with the top five EA-registered runners in each master’s age category at every race, who have opted in to the qualifying system, guaranteeing themselves a place in the England team.

If you already have your own place in the Brighton Marathon and wish to be considered for selection to compete for England then please contact England Athletics at

If you do not have your own place in the Brighton Marathon, and your club has already allocated its places to other club members please also contact England Athletics and they will arrange for you to receive an opportunity to enter the Brighton Marathon.

Prizes will be awarded to the fastest V35 (Women only), V40, V45, V50, V55, V60, V65 and V70 Men and Women finishers at the 2018 Brighton Marathon. Prizes will be awarded based upon the finisher Chip Time, and not the Gun Time.

2018 Brighton Marathon Prize Fund

British Athletes only – Men and Women prize fund

1st Place – £2,000
2nd Place – £1,000
3rd Place – £750
4th Place – £400
5th Place – £300
6th Place – £200
7th Place – £100
8th Place – £50

Male / Female Time Bonuses

Course record (2:09:25 / 2:28:50) – £5,000
First place and Sub 2:12 / 2:32 – £2,500
First place and Sub 2:15 / 2:35 – £1,000
First place and Sub 2:16 / 2:36 – £750
Finish in Top 3 and run Sub 2:18 / 2:38 – £500
Finish in Top 3 and run Sub 2:20 / 2:40 – £250

Club Prizes

We will be offering England Athletics registered clubs the opportunity to win prizes at the Brighton Marathon in 2018. Prizes for the first three teams will be awarded according to overall finishing time (Chip Time) of the fastest four registered Men / Women. Clubs and runners need to be affiliated and registered with England Athletics; and this must be indicated within your entry registration.

2018 BM10k Prize Fund

British Athletes only – Men and Women prize fund

1st Place – £1,000
2nd Place – £750
3rd Place – £500
4th Place – £300
5th Place – £200
6th Place – £100
7th Place – £75
8th Place – £50

Male / Female Time Bonuses

First place and Sub 28:45 / 32:00 – £1,000
Course record 28:45 / 32:00 – £500
Any positions and Sub 29:30 / 34:00 – £100


The Brighton Marathon course is AIMS measured and as such is a qualifier for other marathon events such as Boston.